Thursday - March 10

I’ve noticed working at a place with nearly all women actually results in less treats than more. The talk of working out and losing 8 pounds of body fat fills the halls more than the smell of Crazy Cake Lady cakes. Maybe CCL was crazy for making cakes every day, but she sure wasn’t ashamed of it. That’s what was so great about her. As women know, there’s always a time when we can’t turn down a morsel of chocolate. And that time is… birthdays!

The Best Mini Brownies

Honestly, I don’t know how Met Market can advertise these as mini brownies. They look bigger than any brownie I’ve ever cut from a tray. Albeit, sometimes I’ll cut a double-sized brownie just to say I only ate one. But really, the round store bought brownies are not bite-sized or mini, in my opinion.
We also had bagels today from Noah’s Bagels.

Noah’s Bagels Assorted Bagels

Unfortunately, it’s not only cakes and cookies and brownies that can make you fat at work. Throw a little reduced-fat Honey Almond Shmear, though, and you’ll be fine ;)

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Weight-gaining worker

Tuesday - March 8

Today is Fat Tuesday, and you know what that means, beer, boobs and food. For those of us not in New Orleans, Fat Tuesday can easily slip by without celebration, but not for us at the office. In celebration of Mardi Gras, “the practice of the last night of eating richer, fatty foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten season,” (via: wikipedia, duh) a coworker brought in treats that combined two holidays into one!

(Fat Tuesday) St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Shortbread Cookies

I’m sure CCL didn’t share store-bought cookies with the old coworkers for such an important day, but I guess it will do. We haven’t had treats in the office for 2 weeks, so it was nice to have some sugar to nom on to help us get through the day.

Of course, when there’s not any treats in the office, we just walk down to Starbucks. It’s so convenient living in Seattle. And, although Starbuck’s wasn’t celebrating Fat Tuesday either, they were celebrating a wonderful milestone of 40 glorious, caffeinated years.

They now have a new logo featuring the Siren riding solo, without the “Starbucks Coffee” words. But really, who needs them? We all know who the beaut is within the famous green circle.

Double Short Non-Fat Vanilla Latte

And because Starbucks knows we need sugar to get us through the workday, whether we have a local CCL or not, from March 10-12 between 2 and 5 p.m., it is giving away a free Starbucks Petites dessert with the purchase of a handcrafted beverage. Love it.

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Weight-Gaining Worker

Wednesday - February 23

Even though I'm no longer surrounded by the craziness of Crazy Cake Lady, a job change has only affirmed the fact that, indeed, Work Makes Me Fat. Although I can’t count on the multi-layered cakes and baby food excursions of the past, there is still at least a few treats every week at my new job that packs on the pounds.

As I’ve abandoned this blog as I’ve abandoned CCL, I’ve tried to abandon the fact that work makes me fat. But it’s all been in false light. So, we meet again with a treat of:

White Frosted Vanilla Cupcakes with Candied Sprinkles

Decorated, with help, by a co-worker’s 4-year-old daughter. While I’m not strong enough to resist a sparkling rainbow mini cake of deliciousness, I try to talk myself out of taking a bite knowing there were probably quite a few slobbery fingers touching the treats before I did. But, today, it doesn’t matter. It’s cold here and it’s been a rough morning, and a sparkly cupcake made by a toddler can always brighten the day.

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Tuesday - October 5

Chocolate Espresso Cake

This was pretty much the best thing ever. Two of my favorite things in a dense, delicious brownie-like cake.
I almost ate the whole thing...

-Weight-gaining worker

Monday - October 4

CCL is back from her vacation. You know, that thing where you get to go somewhere tropical and lay on a beach with your significant other, or visit family out of town, ski in the mountains, swim in the ocean, rent a fabulous hotel room with a huge, comfy bed to roll around in and think about everything except work... Yeah, we miss vacations. Lucky for CCL, she's been gone for the past 2 weeks. We don't know where she went, but we have a feeling what she didn't do... or did.. but liked eating cake better...

CCL's Better than ____ Cake

Apparently the word "sex" was inappropriate for the work environment, but the message came across clear. We're not surprised CCL wouldn't like anything better than cake. And if we were her husband, we wouldn't be surprised either. Poor guy.

At least he has football to watch while eating cake.
Too bad CCL doesn't make these super cute cookies...

Football Cookies

our other, way cuter and less cake-obsessed coworker made them. These definitely make boys swoon. Although, we think some may like these better than sex... well.... probably not..


-Weight-gaining worker

Monday - September 27

Someone finally decided to do something about CCL being on vacation.

Raspberry Danish

Raspberry Cake & Chocolate Biscuit/Cookie things

Monday - September 20

CCL is on vacation (enter sad face)
Will return when she returns... which we have heard will be in two weeks.
Unless something exciting happens.
We'll also update you on how much weight we've lost without her.

In the meanwhile, please send us pictures of delicious food at your work.
Thanks ;)

-Weight-gaining worker